Verified Views - About Us

Specialists in producing Verified Views and Accurate Visual Representations (AVR's)

With over 15 years experience in producing verified views and accurate visual representations for planning applications and appeals our key personnel have produced visualisations at high levels of accuracy and in line with current technical guidelines as supporting evidence for Landscape and Townscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA & TVIA) and for expert witness at public inquires.

Our services and skills include producing verified wirelines, verified block models and verified photomontages. We also help to support local visibility studies and as a design tool to determine the extent of a scheme, testing parameter plans to help map out a ‘Theoretical Development Envelope’ ultimately determining appropriate storey heights.

Verified Views, Verified images, Photomontages, Accurate Visual Representations, AVR, Verified Photography, Landscape Visual Impact Assessment, LVIA, Townscape Visual Impact Assessment, TVIA, Environmental impact assessment, EIA, LVMF, Wireline, Block Form, Specialists in creating Architectural Verified Views for planning consent and marketing. By utilising the latest in 3D computer graphics software and surveying technology, our studio produces photorealistic accurate representations of proposed schemes. This process is also known as Accurate View Representations (AVR), Verified Images, Verified View Montages (VVM), Verified Views. To produce computer visualisation that can assist in the assessment of the visual effects of specific proposals on designated views. An Accurate Visual Represenation or Verified View is a tool used in the planning process that helps to inform the effect of a proposal by providing three dimensional visualisations of it. These images can be very realistic and should be accurate with respect to height, form, size and location, Verified Views Vista3d Ltd based in Birmingham, UK producing VV, Accurate Visual Representations AVR for Planning, Public Inquiry and supporting Landscape and Townscape Visual Impact Assessments, LVIA